16 Oct

Providing enough time to people who use AAC is very important, as using AAC to communicate takes time. We as communication partners need to provide enough of it for the person using AAC to claim their turn in the conversation, to process what was said and what they want to say and then compose their message.

15 Oct

AssistiveWare's Amanda, Speech-Language Pathologist, shares how to create a paper-based AAC book of your vocabulary. With it you will always have a backup communication system if anything should happen to your device.

09 Oct

Meet Danny. Danny is a regular 14 year old teenager who goes to a high school, enjoys hanging out with friends, playing sport, taking photos and squeezing in a game of Minecraft when he can get away with it. 

29 Sep

AssistiveWare's Amanda, a Speech-Language Pathologist with over 18 years experience working in schools and with families and as a technology consultant, shares her tips for literacy instruction for an AAC user.

24 Sep

Axel, 14, lives in Tijuana and is bilingual understanding both English and Spanish. After starting to communicate with Proloquo2Go, he transitioned to Proloquo4Text last year. He is now more independent, customizing his own app, and feels included in the community.

21 Sep

Shelley Harris is a children's librarian with a BS in Speech and Hearing Science, and is also a special sibling. Her advice for if you want your child to be a reader? Make reading enjoyable and focus on FUN!

04 Sep

You may have a new or returning student with access issues. Here are 5 resources to review so you can be prepared to support your student.

03 Sep

Patty Heine has a son who uses AAC and she has been learning how to best prepare for a successful school year. In this guest blog, Patty shares several tips that other parents will find helpful.

02 Sep

Don't miss an opportunity to build school/home communication! Learn how you can make sure your student's devices at school and at home stay in synch so they can talk about their experiences and share their stories.

28 Aug

Help your son or daughter cope with the transition back to school after the summer vacation by creating a social story that includes videos and photos of their school, classrooms and teachers. The more your child knows what to expect, the easier it will be.