AAC Awareness Month: What’s the current state of AAC in English-speaking countries?

Understanding how AAC solutions are used, and what benefits and challenges AAC users, their families and the professionals support AAC users are experiencing is very important. Not only for us as developers so we can keep improving our apps, but also for parents and professionals who support AAC users.

AAC on iOS in 2012

The survey that we conducted back in 2012, in collaboration with professors of the University of San Diego and the California State University at San Marcos, showed that having access to an AAC app can lead to considerable improvements in key areas such as independence, behavior, interaction with others and learning.
Yet, it also revealed significant challenges in terms of, for example, the limited amount of expert support AAC users and families were able to get to help with successful AAC implementation.

New survey: new results

So what is the state of AAC three years later? Together with Carole Zangari, Speech-language pathologist and founder of PrAACtical AAC, and Jane Farrall, Speech-language pathologist and special educator, we have made a new survey for this year’s AAC Awareness Month.
We are hoping to learn more about the kind of vocabularies that are used, how these are customized and the kind of AAC teaching strategies. Of course we will also ask some of the same questions that were included in the previous survey, to be able to compare the two and see what has changed in the last three years.

Fill out the survey!

Participate in the survey to help us and others increase our knowledge. The surveys should take approximately 10 to 20 minutes of your time and is completely anonymous. The more responses we receive, the more valuable the results will be. We have created separate surveys for AAC users, family members of AAC users and professionals who support AAC users:

The survey will close on October 22. We will be sharing our findings from the survey at the end of this month so that everyone in the field can benefit from the gained insights.

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