3 days of discounts!

AAC Month 

October is AAC Awareness Month, a special time for us at AssistiveWare. We have lots of ideas for how to spread the word, and are looking forward to sharing them with you!

But first, an announcement.To honor AAC month we will offer a 50% discount on Proloquo2Go, Proloquo4Text, KeeblePictello and Gateway to Language & Learning©!

Excited? We are!

Discount on high volume purchases

The discount also applies to Apple’s Volume Purchase Program for Education. When your school or educational organization purchases 20 copies or more, you get an additional 50% off. That’s 75% off!

3 days 50% discount

The 50% discount will be in effect from Tuesday October 10 to until and including Thursday October 12.

Share the news

Already have some of our apps but would like another? Know somebody who could benefit? Spread the word! 


Our support team are here to help. You can get in touch with them 24/7 at support@assistiveware.com

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Comments on
"3 days of discounts!"

Jascinta's picture

Thank you AssistiveWare. What a great discount!

My son's preschool teacher recommended your app Proloquo2Go and my family is excited about purchasing it during your upcoming sale.

I am looking forward to beginning my AAC journey with Proloquo2Go and learning all about its functions. As an Australian mum of a beautiful boy with autism, I was so pleased to discover that the child voice of 'Liam' is available to us. It will be fantastic for my little boy to hear a familiar sounding Australian accent to accompany this AAC app.

Thanks again AssistiveWare for providing such a generous discount.

Best wishes, Jascinta. Counting down the days.

Jascinta's picture

Thank you so much Pam for your lovely reply and welcome message.
I will read the article you provided a link for. Thanks for your support.
Kind regards, Jascinta.

Bolaji Layokun's picture

Hello there, will the discount apply to the UK app store as well? it will be life saver if it is. Thank you- B ( UK)

Pam's picture

Hello Bolaji - Yes, the discount is worldwide. Beginning October 10 through October 12th, the discounted prices will appear in the App Store.

Erika Kbj's picture

Dear Pam, is the discount only for the bundle or can I just get the proLoquo2go alone? Thank you

Pam's picture

Hi Erika,

Yes, you will nee to purchase Proloquo2Go alone. The bundles will not be available during the discount.



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